Sunday, December 2, 2007

What a week!

Well this is the first time I have had a second to write! Last week was insane, as usual. Tuesday I drove to Rome and was in their Christmas parade. Mom drove the convertible and we had a blast. I was such a celebrity! Wed-Friday I was very busy with school, work, and AU Singers rehearsals. Saturday morning I had rehearsal and then drove to ATL for an appearance at a pageant. The current Miss GA won the pageant the year before so she was there and it was a lot of fun.

I got back to Auburn around 11:30 last night and cleaned my apartment for Aunt Karen! She got here around 11 this morning along with dad and Patch. I spent so much time cleaning the inside of my apartment that I did not notice the beer cans growing from the very small tree on my neighbors side of the grass! Of course Aunt Kar and dad saw it immediately and I was quite embarassed. I'm sure she will send out the pictures!

We went out to lunch at this place called Niffers and Aunt Kar had her very first corn nugget! (Fried cream corn...only in the south!) After lunch I gave her a tour of my campus and then they dropped me off at the theater to get ready.

The show was at 2:30 and everyone said it was quite a hit. The audience sold out last Thursday so we had a great crowd. It meant so much to me to see BOTH my brothers and BOTH my parents in the audience (a very rare thing!) and to have Aunt Karen there just put me over the edge I was so excited. Thanks again for coming guys! We took lots of pictures after the show and I will post them when I get them. We went to dinner at Applebees and then they left for the two hour drive home to ATL while I performed another show at 6:30.

This week will be another crazy one. We have two more shows on Tuesday night that are also close to selling out. My last day of classes is Thursday and I have two presentations, a final project due, and a test that day. My first final is not until the following Tuesday so I will have a little break, but I am seeing some late nights in my near future!

Well thats all I've got....for all you old folks give me a call if you are having trouble setting this up! ;o) Thanks Uncle Mike for putting it all together. We must have said "we need to write that in the blog" a MILLION times today! hahahaha Love you all!

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Mike said...

Thanks for the update, and contributing to the blog. How do you fit everything into one day. I go to work and sleep, and think I'm "too" busy.

Uncle Mike