Saturday, December 1, 2007

For God's Sakes!!!

I've been up sice 5am trying to figure this thing out! Apparently, I had the wrong password, once I got that straightened out, I realized I wasn't a member of any blog, so I started over with Mike's 1st email.

Today is December 1st, 24 days left until Christmas, I haven't shopped or decorated..but I'm going to start today!
I'm heading for Atlanta tomorrow morning to visit Auburn and see Jackie sing...I'll be home Monday.
We have a big Christmas party tonite that we have been attending for 18 years..catered dinner, drinks, then they hand out song books, and we sing Christmas carols. They have piano, drums, guitar,'s just what the doctor ordered to get me in the Christmas spirit!
Our Carag guests finally moved to their home in Virginia, so Jun and I are alone for the first time. It's kind of weird, but easy....getting lots of use out of our hottub....last night we had happy hour in there, 45 degrees outside, the radio was playing all Christmas songs, and the house behind us was all lit up with Christmas lights....nice!
OK, I got carried away...sorry for rambling..I'm do damned glad I figured this out.....
Hey Chris, great pictures!

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Mike said...

Welcome Karen. Thanks for your effort to be a contributing author. Where's Big Bird's first post!????