Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Carag/Nocera/Hindkjauer Christmas

Wow, I can't top the Holmes/Atlanta Christmas....but..

We arrived at Cassie's Monday 3pm, Mickey and Brenda arrived, Mike and Monique and kids (cassie and Ron's best friends), Jun's sisters Ronnie w/husband and 3 grown kids, Babsie and Leslie, and Jean, Camille and baby Zander. Remember, Ditji and peter and kids are already there, along with Courtney, cassie's 3 kids, then the 4 of us!

We had a nice buffet dinner of ham, beef tenderloin, pancit, salad, roasted veggies, lots of wine, dessert....

they all left about that point, Jon helped Cassie and Ron assemble all the big Santa were asleep!

We hit the sack about 11pm.

We were all up at 6:30am, Mickey and Brebda arrived at watch the kids open gifts...we had a Filipino breakfast, and mimosas, cheese and French bread for lunch, then a homemade Italian lasana dinner .

The kids and all of us got fun gifts and had a great day. We went home at 7pm, had a nice 2 hr drive, no traffic!

Back to work for us early this AM! Jessica's boyfriend Brian arrives tomorrow....enjoy a few pics!



Mike said...

wow, you topped the holmes/atlanta story.

Jackie said...

look at all those beautiful grandchildren!