Sunday, December 23, 2007

merry night before xmas eve!

Hey everyone!
Well the Holmes Atlanta traditions have begun! Well, technically they began last week! The past two years it has become a new tradition that just the boys and I go pick out the tree and bring it home. So two weeks ago I came home and we picked it far our best one EVER! Only problem is it was 12 feet tall and we were driving Buford, my '97 Buick Lesabre!!! Both boys had to hang out the window to hold it down! lol Dad was very happy to just add one little danty ornament to the tree a few nights ago when we decorated it...must be nice finally having grown boys!
Keep in mind Chris is 6 ft tall!

I was told to just "stay out of the way and look pretty" :o) I'm finally understand why God gave me brothers...

We accidentally wrapped the door shut....IDIOT!
It made it home on Buford! Although it is tipping a lot and was definately catching some air...hence why the boys held on tight!
The trunk was too big for our stand. Chris = NOT HAPPY

Rum and Coke + No work getting the tree = Merry Christmas Dad!

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Mike said...

The Blog Lives! Thanks for the update Jackie! I can't believe your dad hung a rum and coke on the tree!