Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Greetings from the Northeast!

Hey, I didn't check the blog for a day or two and the content exploded! Nice to read everyone's updates. I'm busy getting ready for Christmas. I don't have Mom around to help me decorate (she's been lounging around in Mexico with Dan), but I took digital pictures of all her work last year and just bring them up on my computer so I know where to put stuff! I want to put a wreath on the 10 windows out front this year, but that will practically cause a divorce with Eric since it requires him to get up on the ladder in 30 degree weather, take the screens out of all the windows, and then have me tell him they're all crooked! We're still getting over the year I made him put up icicle lights only to decide they looked terrible and have him take them all down! I'm hosting a party here on Dec 20 for my tennis team...I hope it goes better than Mike's! His story prompted me to line up 5 fun "definites" before I even sent out the invites! My wild neighborhood cookie exchange is this Friday night. I have to take Steph to a Girl Scout event in Philly at 8 a.m. on Saturday, so I will definitely not partake in the action this year!
We had our first snow yesterday, only about an inch, but it put everyone in the Christmas spirit. I just watched Rudolph with the kids. I still remember being scared of the abominable snowman when I was a kid! I don't have much shopping to do this year...the kid's big gift is a pool table/air hockey table for the basement. Steph wants a digital camera and Michael wants games for the Wii.
I got a nice note from Aunt Margie today. She just spent 10 days in Fresno with her daughter, Mary Ann (the wild one...never mind!). Sounds like her children are keeping her busy. I sent her a picture of me and the kids and she said I look like mom...I don't hear that too often!
Good night, everyone (I'm sure my "Pop Pop" brothers are already in bed by this hour)!


Barry said...

OK Fella, you're busted! It's 11PM and I'm still going strong!!

Karen said...

Hey, I think Devin just wrote that comment for Barry...or..he was up going to the johnnnnnn
Great update Mar, you look great!

Mike said...

Now that's what I call a clean floor! What an interesting pose and shot location. Makes you look 15 years younger! Now can you get those Fruit Loops of the kitchen floor while you're down there?

Mike said...

Mar, can you send me a hi-res copy of this photo? I like to include it in the family calendar.