Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hey Family,

Im just about to head home for the holidays so I figured Id write an update before I forgot. Today it snowed about 5 inches in Columbus. I had to walk to my final exam across campus in it all too, but thats ok because there will be a big school snowball fight late tonight so Im excited about that. The first quarter of school went well. I am majoring in Architecture and minoring in Buisness. I originally had planned to minor in German but decided that Buisness will be more important since I plan to own my own firm someday. I took 2 introduction architecture courses, German, and Political Geography. I really won't start getting into Arch until spring quarter when I'll take my first design studio, but for now I'm hoping that some GEC classes will keep my GPA up so I can get into the second year program.
We're all excited here to be number 1 in football! I think we all were more excited watching the Missouri and WVU games, than any other of our own games during the season. I couldnt go to a footbll game since tickets sold out in 1 day over the summer, but I already have been to an OSU vs NCU basketball game where we were hanging in there for a while but is a different story this year vs last year. Well I better go pack. Ill see some of you over Chrismas break.......



Mike said...

Nice knowing what you're up to Jon. I guess a whole lot of golf is not being played in the snow. Enjoy your Holiday break.

Barry said...

Have a good Christmas break Jon!