Monday, December 3, 2007

Back to work!

Well folks, my big news is that I'm officially back to work. Just before Thanksgiving, I had my final check-ride to New Orleans and back. My good buddy from the office "Dutch Holland" put down the Blackberry long enough to come out and put me through the paces. They didn't toss me in the swimming pool like Dad at "Flying W", but we had a lot of fun. I'm now qualified and fly both the 757 and the 767 airplanes. Needless to say, I miss my friends at work very much. I talk to them often and stopped in and had lunch with the gang after dropping off Karen at the airport. I don't miss the job at all!
Since my checkride I've flown several flights to Cancun, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, New York (JFK) and flew the New England Patriots from Providence Rhode Island to Buffalo a few weeks ago. The flight to Las Vegas was the best. Four hours with my feet up and watching the world go by with no emails or phone calls!! The view of the Grand Canyon was incredible and I flew right over the top of Hoover Damn. Had a nice 19 hour layover on the "Strip" and had a great buffet dinner at the Bellagio. Next week I fly to Panama and Liberia, but primarily I will be flying domestic routes. For now I'm off until Friday and catching up on my "to do" list.
Jackie "nailed" her solo last night. I really try not to be biased, but she really had the crowd in the palm of her hand singing a Kristin Chenoweth comedy piece. I'll post the video when I find the cable to the video camera. Every damn thing I own is lost or ruined!
OK, it's very late (check the post time).

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Now that's the kind of blog I've been telling you kids about!!!!