Friday, November 30, 2007

What the?

I'm trying to figure out how to do this!

Chris' More Detailed Post for Nov 30th.

I got three tests back today. 91 on AP Psychology, 93 on AP Calculus, and 93 on AP Physics. A successful week, but TGIF! First high school basketball game of the season is tonight so that's where I'm off to this evening. Tomorrow I'll be watching Va Tech when the ACC championship, so don't expect a post from me!

Christmas Decorating Day

It's November 30th... the last day of hurricane season, and for the second straight year, no hurricanes.  Hurray! Karen and I are hosting a small Christmas party Sat. night, so today we're in a scramble to get up the decorations. I used Mar's Best Buy Gift Card to buy 3 Christmas CD's which helped the mood of the decorating, but it's 83 degrees outside and sunny.  So much for the Christmas mood!  Have a great Friday! 

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm doing great, nothing too exciting. About to finish up first semester of Senior year and my grades are better than they've ever been. I find out December 15th if I got into Boston College and the University of Georgia and then April 1st from Virginia Tech. I'm about 99% sure I'm going to UGA, and will hopefully be in the Honors Program. The Hope Scholarship here in GA pays for tuition and books for all four years; so, it's just way too good of an offer to pass up. Especially since I want to go to Medical school afterwards. It makes much more sense to come out of my undergrad with money saved then to come out already tens of thousands of dollars in debt and then have another four years to pay for. Outside of school, I'm just doing student council stuff. I'm the student body president and have a lot of responsibilites that come with that. Besides that, I'm enjoying my last year at home the best I can and looking forward to stretching my wings in a year.


Mike's First Post

Mike's Birthday

Hi.  It's my birthday so the day has been filled with cards, gifts and phone calls.  Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes! I'm going to send out invitations for you folks to become authors to this blog so that you can upload your own info.  They'll ask you to set up an account with Google, but it only takes less than a minute.  Now that e-mail, and IM is dead, let's see how this goes! Karen and I enjoyed the day together and tonight I'm meeting out with friends.  Start adding to this blog so that I can get a feel for how it works!