Friday, December 7, 2007

Hi everybody - this is Mom -- learning from Mike how to get into this bloger stuff. 

I have really enjoyed all of the updates - esp Jackie's singing, Scrooge dancing and the DeSimone dancing elves.

I've been having such great fun visiting with Dan, Joni, Bob and Mike & Karen.

I leave today on my 10 day cruise - not quite as excited as when you come right down from the snow area.  I'll keep in touch with Mike if anything exciting happens (hopefully not an 911 for  Olivia)

Since I have already done all my Christmas decorating, cards & gifts - it will be fun to get home and right into the Christmas parties.

Bye - hopefully Barry and or family can come to Pa. on the 30th - if so, I'll have a family dinner.  Keep the date open.

Love to all,
you don't have to keep asking each other (where in the world is Mom this time)

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