Saturday, December 22, 2007

My babies are both home for the holidays!

Jess arrived home yesterday morning..we went on a whirlwind shopping trip, then came home for the evening. Here's a picture of Jess and Jon playing Nintendo "donkey kong" and having a ball!

We had dinner, did the hot tub, and later I played Monopoly with the kids till 11:30pm. So good to have them home safe and sound!

We are all off to the Buchanans tonite for a Christmas dinner, gift exchange.

I spoke with Aunt Marilyn this AM, she was too busy to send Christmas cards this year....being a grandmom is keeping her busy! She's off to Kerry's Christmas Eve. Jon Thomas is doing well...

Our little baby who was at our house for awhile had surgery today for pyloric stenosis. he'll be in the hopitla a couple days, then home, and no more throwing up, we hope! He's had a rough time these past few days!

See ya


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Jackie said...

jon i cant believe you guys were playing without us!