Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from Atlanta!

Well mom created yet another magical Christmas here in Atlanta, she out does herself every year!

Christmas eve we woke up and had brunch at our house with two families that we have it with every year. Mom and I made quite the feast! (Yes I helped and didn't burn the kitchen down...shocking, I know!) I had to leave early to run to the new minute clinic at CVS to get a strep test that turned out positive. Then I rushed to church to sing for the childrens Christmas eve masses like I do every year. The first one is always packed and I did about ten songs, the other got cut short because we ran out of time. Dad came and watched the first one and mom did the second.

After I got home Dad and I put the angel on the tree and we all sat around the living room next to the tree with the fire blazing and watched home videos of past Christmas'. Before dinner we all ran upstairs to check under our pillows because it was a "jammy year" and mom got us all matching pajamas. (Only happens every other year.) Then we had our traditional lobster dinner, well four of us did...Christopher ate his traditional frozen pizza, lol. After dinner Patrick and Chris were pretty tired (PopPops in the making...) and went upstairs to bed. I read them the Night Before Christmas and we all slept in Chris' room.

This morning Patrick had us up at 8 and we all sat on the steps until mom and dad got all the pictures they wanted and we could come downstairs. Santa was very good to us as always. I received lots of clothes and jewelry along with a few other random things like a teapot. Chris decided not to go on a ski trip next week so Santa had to scramble at the last minute for his gifts and he ended up having the most of anyone! lol He received lots of Georgia stuff, clothes, a backpack, tennis bag, etc. Patrick is a "skater boy" these days and his favorite gift was his new skate board and some clothes. Dad was very excited about his telescope, dart board, and horseshoes. Moms favorites were a house divided license plate (Auburn/Georgia) and a few other things.

We went to mass at noon, I sang in the choir and mom and Chris were Eucharistic Ministers. We came home and watched more home videos and just spent the afternoon enjoying each others company. Dad and I watched Charlie Brown Christmas and Mom cooked another fantastic meal of crown roast, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. After dinner we went around the table recalling our favorite Christmas memories and the favorite moments from this Christmas, then Chris read to us from our Christmas Miracles book. By the time I finished the dishes the real PopPop was falling asleep on the couch so Christmas quickly came to an end, lol. Now mom and I are sitting here in the living room watching "Elf".

Our Christmas was perfect as always, we are so blessed. Mom and dad have given us many wonderful Christmas memories and they both said tonight it was all because their parents did the same for them!

Someone else update!!! hahaha Pictures and video will be posted tomorrow!


Mike said...

Thanks for the nice update, Jackie!

Karen said...

Wow, wish I had been there for Christmas!