Friday, December 14, 2007

Beach Bash!

Hi, well the Dulcie collage is finished and it was nicely framed in black with a steel grey matting. She went with version 1  (without her added photo, thank you for voting). Nice gift for her parents!  
Last night, Karen and I went to a Cystic Fibrosis fund raiser on the beach.  They had a tent right on the Ocean, live band, shrimp, fish, pasta, etc. With your ticket stub, you are allowed to board the Tikki Beach barge on Saturday night, and actually be IN the Fort Lauderdale boat parade! This year's theme is Animal House, and you must be in a toga.  
Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like floating around on a barge with a beer-stained sheet draped across your body, as you wave to thousands of good little boys and girls lined up along the Intracoastal hoping to see Santa!
Oh, and the entertainment on board?  They are having Otis Day and the Knights, the actual guys who played in the movie.  Remember "Shout"  "Little Bit Louder Now"  etc.  Should be fun, but that song kills my knees when I dance to it.

Tonight  5 of the 7 Lago Mar bartenders are getting together for a little Christmas cheer.  I'm off to Costco for xmas cards... it's getting late and I'm scrambling for cards and gifts, as usual!

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