Sunday, December 9, 2007

Decorating for Christmas in Rising Sun

Hi everyone,

I spent the whole weekend decorating the house for Christmas. We went to a semi-formal Christmas party Friday night with all the medical Staff ot our hospital, and Saturday night we went out to dinner, celebrating Richard's birthday. (Jon, Gardner and Kaitie were with us, too!)

We cut down our Christmas tree on Saturday, and it's now all decorated!

I too, wish Mother was here to help me decorate..I have no imagination..I know Mom and Dan will visit me at some point, and I cringe to think of what they'll say on the way home!

I want to put some white lights up all around the screened in porch, and leave them up all the time....I wish I had Dan's advice as to how it should look!

I haven't doneChristmas cards, and have only shopped on line so far, for the grandkids....I am so far behind!! I hate going to the stores on weekends, plus, I don't know what anyone wants!

Other than that, it's just deadsville around here..Jon's been runnin since he got home..I need my Jessie here!

See ya!


1 comment:

Mike said...

House looks nice Kar. Karen now knows what Carolers are, so she liked seeing all yours on the mantle.