Saturday, December 8, 2007

On the road again...

Good Morning Everyone.

I'm out on another trip through Monday. Yesterday was ATL to Tampa to ATL and then a long flight to San Diego. It's a real contrast going from my Chief job to watching the world go by for over 4 hours!! A little rainy out here, but we are in a hotel right on the bay and looking out over Coronado island. Over night a cruise ship snuck in right outside my window.

Today I fly to ATL and then New Orleans for a layover. Sunday I fly back to ATL and then down to Panama for a layover. One flight home on Monday from Panama.

Mike, sounds like you showed mom a good time! Jackie, thanks for the pix from the parade. Do you get to keep the sign?? Is my house in one piece after the annual Christmas Bunco Bash???? On second thought, don't tell me!!


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