Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mom in Florida

Hi, still laughing at the Mike/Stephanie dance routine from Mar's post.

 I retrieved mom safely from the airport last night about 8 p.m.  Dan warned me she is taking advantage of the wheel chair service, so not to be alarmed. I thought, she's finally that feeble old lady who's just gonna complain about her back, her bum knee and just wanna get home and crawl into bed.  WRONG!  She walked off the plane and to the gate "needed her exercise," we went to dinner at Italian neighborhood joint (yes, the infamous corn beef and cabbage place) and had drinks on my back porch till the wee hours.  I gave up and had to excuse myself to bed at 12:15 a.m. while she was telling Karen old family stories.  (Mar, that's 2 pop-pop's that can confirm we were awake during your post.) Anyhow, sunny and 77 here today and mom want's to hit the pool for some sun. Bob told her she looked pale in L.A.!  Okay, off to the pool when she wakes up.  Where's that wheelchair?

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