Sunday, January 27, 2008

Visit with Jeannie

Hello Bloggers!

I had lunch with Jeannie yesterday...She is doing great, still working for a urologist. Her husband, John, has been out of work since last April. He had a year's severance package from Cigna, but it's coming to a screeching halt come April, 2008. Jean said companies don't want to hire 55 computer geeks! He's got some phone interviews this week. Our friends are coming over today to help us cut down the vines in row 2 of the vineyard, then we are having an expert pull out the vines with the 3 foot roots, next week some time. This is our one row of table grapes, but they aren't doing well, so we are going to replace them with another row of tramenette, which is a white grape that makes a sweeter wine.

Anyhow, after the vineyard work, it's hot tub time and steaks on the grill! Other than that, it's deadsville around here!

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