Monday, January 28, 2008

There she is, Miss America....VEGAS STYLE!

HA HA HA in reference to the nice little vote going on! I want to know who voted what! lol

As many of you know, I went out to Vegas this weekend for Miss America and came home sunday night.

Thursday I arrived at 11 pm, went to the hotel, threw on a dress, and met some friends at a club called Tao. Walked up to the line and we immediately got called by the bouncer to walk to the front of the line and escorted in VIP. It was AWESOME! hahahaha

Friday we slept in because we got in late the night before. Then two of us were asked to model $3,000+ gowns for a top designer in his private suite in fun! I was also able to get a full consultation with the designer and he told me what would look good on me for my Miss GA gown. After modeling gowns for two hours we ate at a very large buffet inside Paris. Later I went back to the hotel and got ready and met three of my friends from AU Singers who were also out there. (One of them is Miss Alabama's boyfriend!) We ate at a sushi place and then the girl and I went to another club for all of 5 minutes. Wanted to get a good night sleep before Miss America!

Saturday we slept in, ate lunch, and then got ready for the pageant!!! We had to be in our seats by 4:30 and the pageant started at 5. Needless to say I was NOT happy with all the reality crap they put into it. The eliminations were just humiliating and the whole production was just awful. It was lots of fun to be there though and see everything behind the scenes of the tv production!!!

After the pageant we had a nice dinner and then went to the Bellagio to meet another friend for a drink. As we walked through the lobby a man in a nice suit asked us to please come be vip at his new club. He said celebrities would be there so we figured why not. To make a long story short, little did we know we would be asked to walk a RED CARPET WITH PAPARAZZI!!!!!!!! Yes, cameras were flashing, people in street clothes lined the rope looking on like "who are they?" Tito Ortiz (sp?) who is a UFC fighter was walking right behind us. We walked into a private area where they had an open bar and then they took us into the club.

I thought I would have trouble getting out on a flight on Sunday bc they looked AWFUL but I woke up at 5:30 (3 1/2 hours sleep) and got on the second fly out.

So my first 21 year old Vegas experience was as Uncle Dan would say, "THE BOMB!!!" I have never felt more confident in my appearance after being treated VIP status every night. It also helps I was out with other beautiful girls. I just kept telling myself "enjoy it now because it won't last much longer!!!" hahahahaha

Will post pictures tomorrow!

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Karen said...

What a cool story, Jackie! Can't wait to see pics!
How is your last semester of school going?