Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hi fellow bloggers,

Sounds like Dan and Jackie have the most exciting things going on.
Jackie - I had a "date" for dinner with the gentleman next door to me -Fri nite- got your phone call when I got home, but too late to return your call. Sounds like you had a ball
in Vegas - oh, how fun to be with the "beautiful people"
Chris - congrats on making the tennis team - go Chris!!!!
My week was going good till Sat. Bridge Tues, pinochle on Wed, MRI for my knee on Thurs - followed by our pool championship game. Anybody who lost 4 out of 4 games was out - our team lost 3 out of 4, so we were in the running. I ended up with the 9 ball shot - which wins the game - it was a tough shot and with coaching from my captain - "hit it on the right side - HARD - and it may bank and go in the pocket. Well, I did as I was told - it did go into the pocket - everyone cheered and hugged me - but wait - the cue ball banked also and slowly rolled down the table and dropped into another pocket - which meant we lost the game to the other team - I had a few seconds of being a champ!! Teams start again in April.
Fri, I played bridge here at the Reserve and later went to dinner with my neighbor Frank - his daughter met us at the resturant.
Sat I decided to take my newspapers down the hall to the trash - I save them up till I get a plastic bag full. Anyway, they were too heavy to carry - so I dragged them down the hall.
I had invited Dave for dinner Sat. nite -- realized that I was in some kind of back pain. By Sun a.m., I was in agony and could hardly function. I stayed in all day and my friend - Sue, brought over dinner. Mon I already had a P.T. app for my knee, so I went and told them about my back. They said I had a strained back and thru my spinal cord out of allignment. They gave me 4 different treatments and sent me home to ice and heat every hr. for 10 min and come back on Thurs and Fri. I am going to my chiropractor tomorrow to see what he can do, since I am still in big pain. I take a lot of Advil which keeps me moving. I can sit and walk, but not much else. Dave picked me up last nite and took me to our church for our retreat and my friend Kathy picked me up for bridge today. I have a back brace and that does help. I can't sit around so I do whatever I can . Hope it' doesn't take too long to heal. I started working on P.T. for my knee, but now I don't know I have a knee.
Bye for now,

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Mike said...

I hear Ketle One is good for the back. Care to give it a try? Don't pick up any ice cubes that may fall to the ground!