Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Garden Center

Hello... I went to Nephrologist this a.m., and I just need to keep taking my meds to see if they help my body from secreting too much calcium into my kidneys which probably explains my propensity for Kidney Stones. Still have a 5 mm stone in there. Walking time bomb... my pain killers go with with me everywhere!

Karen and I had a nice lunch on the water near where our rehearsal dinner was... same water... just down the boardwalk a bit. We also went to Home Depot where we purchased and planted some lyropies (sp?) impatients, and a robellini palm. Neither of us are a green thumb, but how hard is it to dig a hole and put a plant in it and see what happens? Oh, we also are experimenting with a small bouganvilla but don't think it will get enough sun exposure.

Also, went over to the swim club and did 20 laps... great for my dieting program, but hell on my dark hair coloring. Yawning yet? Way too much info? :-) Ok, that's it for tonight.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Mike, Your yard looks beautiful!
You do have a green thumb!
Thanks for sending a calendar to Jess..hopr Bobby got his..