Tuesday, January 29, 2008

House For Sale

Hi Gang,

I sent out the before and after pics of the house I remodeled with my friends Chuck and Craig. We put it up for sale last week and had 5 showings on Saturday. Sunday was the 1st open house. It was raining most of the day but still had about 20 people show up. One guy really liked it as his office and wrote an offer last night for 1,000,000. The house is listed at 1,095,000 and appraised twice at 1,100,000. The land lord of the buildings behind us also wants it. He has not written an offer but keeps telling Chuck he will give us $950,000 cash. He is kind of a jerk and fought us with the city on changes we wanted to make to this house. He wanted the house last May when we bought it but kept writing low ball offers so they gave it to us. He is stuck on this price so Chuck asked what he was basing this number on. He knows what we bought it for and is guessing what we put into it. Chuck said he got a little threatening on the phone yesterday and said "I could have shut your entire project down if I wanted to." This is not true since we had permission from the city for every change we made. He also said "you're lucky I haven't put up a sign advertising the 4 story building that will be built where my stores are now." This is also not true since I was just dating the West Hollywood City Inspector and he told me no plans were ever submitted for any changes to his building. The guy is just trying to get it for a cheap price and thinks he can scare us into giving it away.

My friend Guy is also very interested in the house. He has called me several times and wants me to "hold" it for him like a pair of jeans at Macy's. The truth is, he just doesn't have the money. I have to act like I don't know this but Craig is the one who ran his credit and it's just not going to happen. I also hate the idea of selling the house to a friend and then hearing about any problems he would have in the future.

Today is the Broker's Open". We will have all the agents from the area walk through between 11 and 2. Hopefully they may have a buyer or 2 looking for a perfect little contemporary in the heart of West Hollywood.

I was busy this past Sunday with the SAG Awards. We did makeup for about 18 ladies from People Magazine. The Grammy's is the next show and we have 24 ladies booked for makeup so far. I have 5 makeup artists working that day. I will be in the Caribbean for the Academy Awards and Muriel's baby is due around that time. I will have someone there to run the show, I hope.

I'm thinking of going back to working Tues-Sat like I did at Jose Eber. I did the same amount of clients in 4 days and always had a 3 day weekend to come home. Fabienne will have a fit but as long as I have coverage, I can do what ever I want.

I'm having Muriel's baby shower here this Sunday. We did not know it was Superbowl Sunday when we sent out the invites and was wondering why we only got a few replies.

I just started looking for a company to build the hot tub behind my house. I don't have a lot of room but enough for an 8x8. Hope to have it done by spring as well as a grill/bar and seating area with an outside fire place. Chuck better sell this damn house this week!!! I'm off to work now.

Love, Dan

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Mike said...

Good luck with it Dan... glad to hear all your news! My ant problem is better.