Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back from Colorado

Hey bloggers, did you miss me?

We had about 3 feet of snow in the 5 days we were at Courtney's in Vail, Colorado! It was fun spending time with Jess, Brian, Courtney and Albert. We went skiing 1 day, and took a private lesson for 3 hrs with the 6 of us....Jess, Court, Jun and I did was a bit rough for Brian and Albert...but fun! You talk about skiing on had just snowed 1 foot when we got there!

We went tubing a day, too.
I hurt my back right before we got to Colorado, but Courtney gave me an acupuncture treatment with amazing results..I'm now a believer in that stuff!
The last day, we got out of the mountains and drove to Denver to visit the downtown area, damned if it didn't snow then, too!
It was nice to fly into PHL and have it be 60 degrees after freezing in CO all week
Hope you all are well..sorry to hear about Nibits...looking forward to the Holmes calendar
Mike, do you need the $ up front, or do you trust us to pay after delivery....not sure what your 2008 rules are! hey, your garage clean up looks great
Jun's sister leaves us tomorrow for good...we will really be starting the empty nest syndrone tomorrow:< was so nice to have my kids home...
Time to start taking Christmas decorations down! YUK!
In the pictures: one is Courtney's red house, one of her at her naturopathic pharmacy, one of us in Vail, one of 5 of us tubing..(Courtney had to work), and then one of me tubing down the slopes, and one of Jun walking towards our little B& B we stayed in.



Mike said...

Thanks for the great photos... I'd love to spend a Christmas there. Fireplace and cocktails... not the skiing with my bad knee!

Mom said...

Looks like fun - never been there - I'll go when Mike goes - just sit by the fire with a cocktail and throw snow in my face.