Sunday, January 13, 2008

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Hi fellow bloggers,

The doctor and I attended a "Beatles" themed party last night with Sue and Richard, at our friend Chuck's house. He calls it a "Wassail" party, and always has it the 2nd weekend in January, with various themes in the past.

It was one of the most fun parties I've been to in years! Susan was Lucy (in the sky w/diamonds), Richard was "Nowhere Man", and had a recording of the song in his pocket for anyone who asked who he was......

Chuck was "the Walrus", (glad I didn't do that, barry!).

Sgt. Pepper was there, Lovely Rita Meter Maid was there, a girl was a "yellow submarine", and brought her crew....

One girl was an "octapus' garden under the sea". Jun won 3rd prize for best costume! They had a band playing all evening; they played all songs, but lots of Beatles' songs, too. When the band went on break, they had Karioke of Beatles picture here is me on a microphone singing Sgt Pepper's Lonley hearts Club Band, with 2 others, (and a little help from my friends)

I loved being on stage.....Jackie gets it from me!!! :>

At the end of the party, everyone gets a tee shirt with the Beatles/Wassail theme...behind the band you can see all the tee shirts from all their years of this party!!!

Fun!!! Oh, and in his living room, he had old video tapes of the Beatles performing on Ed Sullivan, etc....

We've been to Chuck's Toga party, and Pirate parties in the past..he has done Wizard of Oz, Margharitaville, sock hop, 3 ringed never know what it's gonna be until you get the invite after Christmas!

Off to Kerry's baby's Baptism party today...


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