Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hi All,
Another exciting (???) week here at The Reserve!!

Bridge lessons and practice at O.Y.R.all day Tues - Tues nite went to our Singles dinner - about 23 of us attended - my neighbor -Frank-(with whom I share an occasional martini) - told me in front of the crowd that I was the most beautiful woman at the Reserve and also the nicest -Whew!! He also said - would you like to have dinner at Coleman's Sat. nite and I said "sure" - no interest, but a nice place to go for dinner.(:>) He lives next door to me and is in his 70's - very nice.

Well, I was ready for a big nite - never heard from him again till about 2 o'clock this afternoon, when he came to my door and said "so Mary, are you still going to come over about 5pm to have a martini with my daughter and me?? - She wants to get to know you"" -- there went my dinner - boohoo - I'm sure he didn't remember - can't trust these seniors!!! Guess I'll defrost a chicken leg!!

Wed I played a match at Huntington Valley C>C> and afterwards drove to Karen's for my Dr. app. next day.

Saw the Dr. she recommended - he looked at my x-rays and took another one -- isn't sure if I need a knee replacement at this time. Wants me to have an MRI to see if there is a problem that can be taken care of by Arthroscopy - I doubt it. He also want me to start Physical therapy to strengthen the knee in case I do get a replacement.

I drove home in a rainy, snow storm- Thurs. - got home safe - returned my pool cue for a #19 - 18 was too lite and I was having trouble "banking it" - I love thos pool talk!! Next week is the championship playoff - out of 8 teams, 4 have been eliminated - we can only lose 1 more next week or we are out - great fun at this club!!

Last nite I saw the movie "There will be Blood" - excellent acting - but rather gory - went with a friend from 3rd floor - then on to an Italian resturant with a bottle of Vincente cab wine.

Have a good week - I'm off to nextdoor for cocktails!!!



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