Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hi everyone. Just got done working on some more I.D. Badges for my friend Dick Haslam's concrete cutting company.  I print them out, cut, and insert into plastic pouches from Office Depot, and attach them to black lanyards.  He has a lot of turnover, so he needs new ones each month or so.

Karen is doing a mailing of 280 letters to Weston residents today, so we anticipate that will generate a few phone calls for her home cleaning business. She's off to two new clients today that have small condos near Lago Mar Resort, and the people just arrived for "the season."

I'm off until Friday afternoon, so I'll be around the house working on various projects and hitting the gym.  Karen and I are resolving ourselves to eat better, and I need to lose some weight. Who doesn't right?  

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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