Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Help with headshots

Hey everyone!
I know we talked about this at Grammie's party but if anyone can help me pick out my Miss GA headshots I would greatly appreciate it! I need four different looks: one from the brown for the Miss GA program, one from the silver for the Miss GA website, one standing with the crown for the Miss Rome website and program for next year, and one of me sitting with the crown on to be printed in black and white for autograph signing events. So far here are my choices:

Brown: jh-15
Silver: jh-104
standing: jh-160 or 215, I'm leaning toward 160
sitting: this is where i am totally lost! maybe 261?

These are just my favs so its fine if you like a different one. And seriously don't feel like you have to look through all of them, just if you have an extra minute I would appreciate some help!

Love you all and Happy New Year!

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