Friday, January 4, 2008

Glad you had a good birthday. Sorry I didn't catch you before your pool practice!

This is Patch "skating on thin ice". It was down below 20 degrees the last 3 mornings, but back up in the high 60s this weekend.

OK Bloggers, by popular demand, here is a couple of pics from my bar.

The fish tank stand still needs to be finished. Hopefully by Chris's graduation. Mike, remember I told you I was going to display Pop Pop's father's tools?? That's them in the shelves on the corner. Mom's old pub chairs go great!!

The cabinets and the drawers took the longest to make.
What can I get ya?

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Mike said...

Bar looks great Barry! Just need Norm and Cliffy on the stools. Is that Bud Light on tap? Christ, I'll give the damn $39.00 to get up to Fran McGann's and get yourself a keg of imported Heineken!