Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year???

I finally have some news to publish, but it isn't good! I was in a tennis accident on Friday. Somehow I tripped when I was running (leaping) for a ball and next thing you know, I'm on my back with 6 people staring at me! My leg was in agonizing pain and when I tried to stand up the whole room started spinning and I thought I was going to pass out. After about 15 minutes on my back, my friends had to drag my body to the sidelines when a private drill was about to start and the pro wanted us to clear off the court!!! Someone brought me a pair of crutches so I could get out to the parking lot.

My friends took me to the ER at St. Mary's since I couldn't straighten my leg or put any pressure on it. It took me 2 1/2 hours to be seen by a physician's assistant and she wasn't able to tell me anything about my injury. She said she wasn't authorized to send me for an MRI. Instead, she gave me some pain killers and sent me on my way suggesting I call an orthopedic doctor. I decided to go straight to my sports rehab center and they diagnosed me with a torn hamstring and immediately started to work on it. The sooner you treat an injury, the faster the recovery.

I am out of tennis for the remainder of the season (about 3 months). This stinks because I am captain of a team and all my social life revolves around my tennis friends. Hopefully, they'll keep me in the loop! I will go to rehab every day this week and then 3x a week until the spring. Today, I was able to put some pressure on my foot and walk without the crutches so at least I don't need any help getting around.


Jackie said...

oh gosh so sorry to hear about thar aunt mar!!! hope they gave you some good painkillers!!!! :o(

Mike said...

Good luck with the rehabbing, Mar. The hamstring is what you thought the injury might have been when we spoke.

Karen said...

Oh my God Mar, how awful!!!
I have bad knees, so does Mom and's worse to have an accident on them like you did!