Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm on the damn Blog

Hi All,

I called Mike and he told me how to do it. For God sakes, any idiot could get on this thing.

I just booked my flight to Ft. Lauderdale for the end of February. I'm going on a 7 day gay cruise with my best friend Bill from Newport RI. Jimmy and I won the costume contest last year so they offered us this $54oo cruise for $1000 YAHOO!!! Jimmy did not want to go so I asked Bill to take his place. Sorry Mother, I don't think you could handle a gay cruise even though you handled Woody's in Philadelphia for cocktail hour.

Work is going really well. The new location in Beverly Hills continues to grow and it sounds like Mar is getting my makeup into a salon in Philadelphia finally. My assistant Muriel is about to have her baby so I'm looking for a temp. to cover her hours while she is out.

I was offered to do makeup for the cover of Playboy Magazine for Shanna Moakler. They are still working out the details but this is a huge thing since Playboy usually uses their own Makeup Artist. Shanna picked me and told them she was not interested in their people.

We have rain in LA which is much needed although it has been sunny and in the 70s for the past week. The mountains are so Green right now and the tall ones are capped with snow, really pretty!

The investment house I bought last May with my 2 friends is going up for sale tomorrow. I will send the MLS link when it's listed. The house came out really well considering the amount of arguing I did with my friends over the remodel. I don't think I will ever buy a place with partners again. To many Chiefs trying to make decisions. We bought the place for $720,000 and listing for $1,100,000. We did a refinance this past week so we could pull some money out of the house before the sale. I can now pay off my CCs in full, fund my retirement acct. and get the hot tub started.

I'm off to work now. That's the update from LA



Karen said...

YES! YES! You're Boggin, Dan!!! You're not just another pretty face, after all!
The Blog lives on! Great update, can't wait to see your house for sale! Congrats on the Playboy picture!

Karen said...

I mean you're BLOGGIN, Dan!

Mike said...

Thanks for finally making the blog Dan. We need your input on a daily basis if you can. Otherwise, you're going to see me sending pictures and video of dead roots sticking out of Hibiscus pots.