Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yardley Update

Hi all- I continue to read the blog every day and enjoy your updates, however, there is never anything exciting to report on our end. We are all taking care of our medical issues!

Eric had cornea transplant surgery (on one eye) this week and it went really well. Due to a misshapen cornea, he has been in pain with his eye for years and has really terrible vision. Glasses just don't work for him. Anyway, he was able to get the cornea of a 19-year old, so hopefully his vision will be much improved. He won't be able to wear a contact in that eye for a year. He was awake through the whole procedure and tells me there wasn't any pain. His only problem right now is dealing with sunlight. He is back to work next week and heads to Denver on a business trip. For those who are, it doesn't affect your eye color!

I just completed 4 weeks of rehab on my leg and have another 4 weeks to go. My hideous bruise is almost gone and my pain is minimal...I'm just working on flexiblility and strength training at this point. My friend's husband is a doctor of sports medicine at University of Delaware. He said that picture of my leg is "Top 5" and asked me if he can use it in his class! Chris, congrats on making the tennis team! I have one word for you fella...STRETCH!

Steph is wrapping up her last year in elementary school and is "freaking out" about middle school. Jackie is going to offer her some counseling this summer! She is enjoying her first year of Girl Scouts. Feb 1 marked the start of cookie month. We won't be hitting you up for any, since it isn't worth the cost to ship them, but thanks for participating in the magazine sale! Steph is also playing CYO basketball this year, but Eric and I don't see that as being her sport since she isn't aggressive enough. You should see these girls knocking each other over and wrestling on the floor for the ball! I think softball will remain her favorite.

Poor Michael continues to get worse with his asthma every year. He has been home sick from school the past week with a bad flare-up and they finally started him on oral steroids. His breathing numbers were the worst I've ever seen (50-75% lung capacity). He should return to school on Monday, but no recess or gym for a week or two. His basketball team is undefeated, so he's disappointed about missing a bunch of games.

We have some good trips to look forward to in 2008. We are heading to Vegas for spring break and will make day trips to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. Eric booked us a room at Mandalay Bay so the kids can enjoy the "beach" and wave pool. I think our agenda will be a lot less exciting than Jackie's! Something tells me we would be at the BACK of the line if we went to a nightclub! In May, we are all coming to Chris' graduation and will make a side trip to Nashville. And, as I've mentioned to most of you, I am renting in LBI for 2 weeks in June. The first week I have a friend coming from 6/14-6/21, but the second week will be open for family from 6/21/-6/28.



Mike said...

Thanks for the update Mar.. good to hear you are on the road to recovery. Sounds like Eric is on the mend and I hope Michael gets better.

Karen said...

Welcome back to the that's the fresh stuff! Glad to hear Eric's surgery went well, and you are doing better. Did I tell you we aren't going to Denmark till Sept now, so I might be able to spend a couple days with you in LBI...