Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We think the investment house sold yeasterday. It was to the nasty landlord who owns the stores behind our house that we back up to. He offered $1,000.000 cash closing this Monday. He will pay sellers cost ($7000) and he is not represented by any other agent so we save on commision ($30,000). Most buyers would need 2 months to close which would cost us another ($12,000) in mortgage and taxes. When you add all that up, it's almost the same as selling it for 1,050,000 which I would have taken. Hopefully this guy will keep his word and not cause us any problems. He kept telling us eventually he was tearing his stores down and replaceing them with a 60ft tall hotel. It would kill our nice veiw of LA and whoever we sold the house to could siu us for not disclosing that we knew about it. We're going to take the money in Deal or No Deal!

I have the Grammy's this Sunday with about 18 ladies booked for makeup. I have 3 girls working for me to help get everyone done. I hired a girl yesterday to take Muriels place for 3 months. She just moved here, has no clients and is an "ok" makeup artist. She wanted 60% on her services and 40% on her retail sales. After I almost choked on my water, I explained how it would almost cost me money to have her working there. I use to take whatever commision was offered in a job but these kids come in with no experience and want to be paid big bucks.

I'm off to take my morning walk and get some needed coffee. It's 6:23 am here. Am I the only one up this early?


Mike said...

Sounds great Dan... good luck with the closing! Time to buy another one.

Karen said...

Yeah de Man!!
If I lived around there with you, I'd be walking at 6:30 with you!