Monday, February 4, 2008

I't's Spring in LA Karen, get out here fella

I just walked up the street for coffee at 6:30 am on my day off. The recent rains have really put a jump start on Spring. All the trees have white flowers popping out, jade is in bloom and our "east coast" trees all have budding flowers opening up. It been windy so the air is so clear. You can see all the snow capped mountains from West Hollywood.

I had Muriels baby shower here yesterday. Had about 18 in my small house but it worked out fine. Everyone had a great time, plenty to eat/drink and Muriel got some great gifts.

Have not excepted an offer on the other house yet. The buyers are trying to low ball their offers to see if sellers are desperate or not. I don't want to just give the house away for little to no profit and I think we are fair with the asking price. Mom has told me in the passed and I'm just starting to see it, my real estate agent/partner is lazy. He has done little to nothing to advertise this house. I have so many ideas of how to promote a prime west hollywood location but he is not interested in any of them. He went away to Las Vegas this weekend because he needed rest. He only has 2 listings right now. What the hell does he need rest from? We have 2 writen low offers and he is ready to agree to their price with little to no negotiations. Mom told me to say "no way." Someone will come along that will love it and have the money to spend.

I'm shopping today for art work for my house. I sell everything when I sell the other houses so I have very few nick nack and pictures to hang. I leave for my cruise is 3 weeks and can't wait. That's it from LA.


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Karen said...

I would love to come out, Dan! We are leaving for Cancun Feb 14th for a week..that'll really give me Spring Fever!