Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tax Man

Tax time tonight... in my home office with all the receipts and forms spread out all over. I'm due a healthy refund lately since I have lots of things to write off. Soon as I get my refund, I have to write a check for, you guessed it, 2006 property taxes on the Coral Ridge condo. One hand washes the other.

Don't forget Barry's birthday coming up... oh never mind, you all have your family calendars hanging to remind you.

Karen and I went to a fun Superbowl party at a friend of Rob's, and most of the crowd were ex-New Yorkers so you can imagine the last minute excitement! When the Giants scored at the end, everyone was screaming and hugging and high-fiving and I ended up swinging some frumpy middle age housewife around like a windmill! I had just met her about two hours prior to this. Might have been the drinks talking more than the Manning magic!

I'm jealous seeing all the travel plans for LBI, Vegas, cruises, Cancun, etc. I have two things I like to do each year, and they're both about a month apart from each other. One is the annual Photoshop convention in early April (Orlando) and the other is the Swingfest golf tournament in early May (Naples.) I will try to do both, but Lago Mar does not approve vacation days off until June 1, so it's always a panic trying to schedule even two or three days off in a row for anything fun. Such is life in the hotel biz. Karen and I haven't been on a cruise in two years, so we're thinking we'd like to do that again this year. We'll see...

Back to taxes!


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