Monday, February 18, 2008

Hey hey from Alabama!

Hi everyone!
Not a whole lot new going on right now, just busy as ever! Two weekends ago I was up in Rome and did a fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network. I hosted a tea with about ten girls from the Rome area and presented a program based on the four points of the crown: scholarship, service, style, and success. Raised $250!!! Then the following day I spoke about teenage driving to 200 8th graders at one of the local middle schools....TOUGH CROWD! Definately the one of the hardest speaking audiences I've ever experienced. It was so hard to keep them interested and not sound like I was preaching. Dad went and said I did a very good job with what I had. I was praying beforehand and told myself that as long as I walked away with just one person remembering to be safe or wear their seatbelt than the pain of standing in front of middle schoolers and driving all that way was completely worth it. I truly believe God is calling me to spread my message and I know I will get better with each time I speak.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to the Governor's mansion for my job (The Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative ). February is Alabama Marriage Month and the Governor and his wife hosted a celebration at his house. All couples in the state who have been married 25+ years were invited and so were the winners of an 8th grade essay contest. The students were asked to write about the best marriage they know of and the winning essays can be read at the website above. Pretty great stuff!

This upcoming weekend I am heading to the University of Alabama for the Southeastern Conference swimming/diving championships. Hopefully Auburn will walk away with the title for the 12th year in a row!!!!

Thats about all I've got for now. I have to write in a blog once a week for my style and design class so feel free to check it out! Its just some ranting and raving that I usually write an hour before its due, lol.

Love you all and have a great week!

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