Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hi everyone,

Got the MRI of my knee and back -- nothing much -- mostly arthritis. Have been going to P.T. for 1 month now - back is no longer feeling strained - just usual low back pain. Haven't talked to knee dr., but from MRI report - I know a knee replacement is not nec. - don't know if anything can be done thru arthroscopy yet -or I just live with my pain.

Anyway, since I see no surgery in site, I called Tom and Olivia to see if I could join them on their Carribean cruise - Mar 2 - 12.(
they had already invited me) The ship is Holland Am. - it is completely booked. T & O are being upgraded to 4 levels (Tom wrote a letter re Olivia's care getting off the ship when she had her emergency ayr. ago). Travel agent said they have not assigned rooms - usually do that the week before - and if their room can accomodate 3 - then, they can put me on. I'm hanging loose till next week - hoping to go -- most of my friends are away and it's cold here.

I had planned to go to Jackie's cabaret show in Roswell - next Wed. If I get on the cruise, I will go there with cruise suitcase - stay at Bar's till Fri and then go to Michaels (surprise, surprise)- to hang out till Sun when I get on the cruise ship. That way, I don't have to worry about my "standby" chances Dan will be there (Ft Lauderdale) the same weekend.

Cancelled my app with knee Dr. in Maryland, so I can go to Steph's birthday dinner on Sun.

If I hear that I am on -- I'll call you Barry & Mike.

I've seen all the top movies -- There will be blood, Atonement, Juno, No country for old men, The debators, Kite Runner, Charlie Wilson's War, and Michael Clayton. So when I watch the awards on Sun - I'll have some opinions.



Love, Mom

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Mike said...

Hope you make the cruise, Mom. Would love to have you down for some warm sunshine.