Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hope you had a great day Steph! Seems like not long ago I was calling you my little peaches :o) haha

Patrick, Mom and Chris got here to Auburn around 11 this morning. They met me at my house and then I took them downtown to Toomers Drug store for their world famous lemonade. Then we went to the basketball game against University of Alabama. As soon as that was over we went right next door to the baseball game where Kurt met us, Patch was pretty excited to see him. Patrick was pretty happy spending his birthday watching Auburn sports! For dinner we went to his favorite restaurant and then came back to my house. I had the whole house decorated and I made him an oreo pie so we all sang happy birthday.

We had a fabulous day and I hope Steph has just as much fun!!! I'll put pictures up later this week!

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Karen said...

Wow, fun birthday for Patch! has anyone heard from the DeSimone household????