Monday, February 25, 2008

HI everybody,

I just heard from Tom - I'm on the cruise!!!Yea!! We leave out of t. Lauderdale 5 pm Sun. nite.

He did add "there's 1 glitch - Olivia had some bladder bleeding this a.m. - hopefully, it doesn't amt to anything, because if so we have to cancel" RATS - if we cancel, I'll still go to Barry's Wed & Thurs and on to Michael's on Fri - Dan comes in on Sat. and he said to stick around and visit with him till Mon. Nothing like living on the edge!! We come back Mar 12 and I'll wing it with Delta.

Waiting for Bar to let me know if I'm flying Tues or Wed to Atlanta - but for now, I gotta go pack.
Tom said it's more expensive than last time and much nicer ship - Holland American "Volandam" - I'd rather pay more and really enjoy the ship. Not sure of all the ports - I know 4 days at sea - then Aruba, curisal , Panama city, Limon (wherever that is) and a few other places.


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Karen said...

Great, Mom..hope it all goes well and that we have nice weather when you get back!
Remember we are going to NYC April 2nd!