Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Biz Update Part II

I met with Walter Banks, the owner of Lago Mar, for about 5 minutes yesterday regarding the prototype customized Lago Mar photo book concept I created. (See blog post below.) He seemed to like it and asked if he could hold onto it for a while. Also said he's had photo books prepared for him before on a personal level, and actually had considered using them in a business application, but procrastinated and never really had the person to do it. Maybe I had nice timing to drop this in his lap, all thought out and completed. I'll keep you "posted" if anything happens. I feel great that I left the meeting with him asking to keep the book... it's such an easier sell to the G.M. and Group Sales Director if he shows the book to them and not me!

Also, Karen has been asked by one of the members at Lago Mar to watch their dog for the next 3 weeks... at our house. This is the same one she was going to watch for a week back in the Fall, but plans fell apart when they cancelled their cruise. Anyhow, "Gerdy" is, I think a little Schnauzer or Terrier, and very small and "low maintenance" according to them. We'll see, but Karen agreed to $20 per day for the next 21 days, so she's happy for the extra income. We'll send a photo. I think we take delivery today!

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Mom said...


Sounds good - hope it amounts to something for you. I like the idea of selling it to other resorts -- could you come up with a mailer and send it to about 100 resorts like you did to get business moving for Karen.

P.S. - don't get a dog!!!