Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fighting for another day

I've certainly had a rough couple days. I have strep throat, an ear infection, and possibly the flu too. Been sick since Wednesday night and still don't seem to be getting better. Temperature of 102-103 for two days now while on tylenol/advil. I've lost 10 pounds and, obviously, I don't have 10 pounds to give! My parents have abandoned me, my Mom going out of town with Jackie and my dad at work. Thank God for brothers; he seems to be more dependable than my own mother!!

It turns out I didn't get the Holmes's Hemochromatosis disease! I got the genetic test done after my iron looked a little too high and it showed I was only a carrier. That means my mom wasn't a carrier at all and saved me from the Holmes genes!

My tennis teams off to a rough start. We lost our first couple matches closely to good teams. We finally played an average team Thursday and won, but I wasn't able to play because I'm sick! Figures!

School's a breeze right now. I have a 4.8 GPA and would have a 5.0 if I could get motivated to do my AP Calc homework, but it's just too easy not too care when you're already in college and it doesn't matter what your grades are!

I got in to Virginia Tech a couple days ago and got invited to the honor's program, but turned it down for UGA. It was just way more expensive to go out of state and UGA's now a better school anyhow. Therefore, the only benefit would be getting further away from home since they don't seem to care about me anyway!

Alright, I need to get back to the couch. I'm getting all caught up on the last 10 years of soap operas and court tv!

-Miserable, unloved Chris


Karen said...

Chris, your favorite aunt gave medical advice, thought you were doing better! Congrats on getting into VT, but glad you are going to UG. I know you are kidding about your parents; I've never seen parents more attentive to their kids than yours..right Jess and Jon? All those years of ball games, out of state games, etc....
anyhow, come to RS, I'll put you in the hot tub, it'll cure what's ailing you! Wish I could lose 10 lbs that quick! love you!

Mike said...

Get well soon Chris... sorry to hear you're so sick. Hang out on for some entertainment.