Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend in Rising Sun

We had an interesting Easter weekend...Good Friday, we held Stations of the Cross in the hot tub...Saturday it was so cold, we lit up the fireplace! (for those of you who haven't seen Richard in a while..he's lost weight and still going!) Had our friends here to work in the winery, then we had a nice Prime Rib dinner here. Sunday we went to 8am Mass...I then drove Jon to the airport to go back to school..:<..then Jun, Mom and I went to Bulle Rocke for a buffet dinner..then back in the hot tub! Mother drank me under the table Friday night..I still am having a hard time even having a glass of wine! Back to work Monday, and Mom went home Tuuesday after her doctor's appointment.
Hope to hear from Mar about las Vegas!!!

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