Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update From Mike

Hi gang, loved Jackie's performance... literally laughing with tears in my eyes! Don't know whether it was that funny ( I love Satire) or because she was just so damn good at singing/acting that song. I think that satire singing is her niche. Just like Taylor the Latte Boy song.

I'm off to Swingfest 16 in Naples Thur-Sunday. Our 16th year! My first break of no work for more than two days since September! Can't wait.

Just finished a photo book for a couple's 20th Wedding Anniversary who are frequent guests at Lago Mar but live in Maine.

Here's the link to see proofs of the book pages:

Also today, I completed a photo book of a tourist family to Lago Mar. I'll be showing this book to the owner to try and seek his permission to do these types of books for our guests at the Resort. He's already given me the "ok" to do it for the corporate groups that have meeting there.

Here's the link for "Beard Family" visit to Lago Mar:

Karen took delivery on 2,500 postcards that I designed for her. Her theme is "The Queen of Clean has gone Green" with all natural cleaning products. Jes would be proud! We targeted wealthy neigborhoods here in Weston and purchased a mailing list with 2,100 names.

We sent out 400 yesterday, and she got a call today and booked a new weekly client starting next week. We'll probably send 400 per month for the next several months.

Anyhow, I posted a shot of the front and back of postcard. Click on it for a larger view.

Hey, the blog lives!

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