Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi Everybody,

Just to keep the blog alive, I'll tell you all about my exciting week.
Still have a lot of back pain but my narcotic pain pills help a lot. I manage to sleep 9 or 10 hrs. a day - I feel comfortable in bed and hate to get up.
I went to the dentist for teeth cleaning (exciting) - he told me I have 1 tooth in the back that has already had a root canal & cap - that it needs to have the cap removed and another one put on. Not sure I want to spent any more money on 1 tooth in the back.
Went to a meeting at church Tues nite - a group is going to the Holy Land next March - Dave and I want to go - sounds wonderful - hope I can make it. You go to all the places where Jesus walked and it is very safe.

Had a dexascan and Mammogram on Wed - no word as yet- not expecting anything new.
Saw the movie "The Year my Parents went on vacation" on Fri nite - it was one of the strangest movies I've seen yet!!
met 4 friends from the Reserve there and 6 of us went for dinner afterwards.
On Sat. nite, I took Eileen to OYRCC for dinner - we sat on the porch - it was Fri nite golf so saw all my old golfing buddies.
Church on Sun as usual and Mon. Eileen and I went to see "Mamma Baby" which was very good.

I'm taking the senior driver refresher course here at the reserve - 4 hrs. last nite and 4 hrs. tonite. You get a certificate which entitles you to a 5% discount on your car ins. for 3 yrs.

Today I had my car inspected and it came out with no problems - great news since it is 6 yrs. old in July.

So, inbetween, I sit and watch TV with my heating pad on my back and shop QVC.

How's that for an exciting week???? I guess pretty good for a 79 yr. old with a fractured vertebrae (:>)


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