Thursday, May 8, 2008

Swingfest 16

Hi all. I had a nice relaxing 4 days in Naples, Fla. last Thur-Sunday at my Swingfest Golf Tournament. I won $125.00 in a skins format on one of the days! I shot a par 4 on one of the holes, and with my handicap, I was given 2 strokes, so my net score for the hole was 2. Nobody had that score or lower in the field, so I won the "skin" for that hole.

My golf game was its usual self... had some great drives, putting was okay, but the mid irons, and chipping from close in was forgettable. It was just great to be away from Lago Mar for a few days, and think about other things other than who needs a drink! For a change, it was me!

The girls in the pics were the ones who help run the tournament for my friend Bill who put it together. Next year, were moving the tournament to Disney World which has some nice courses on the property.


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Karen said...

Hey, I forgot about the blog!! Nice update, Mike..glad your trip was good!