Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trash Hunt for God

I decided to escape the city and wander into suburbia this weekend. Aunt Mar's invitation to come to Yardley included fried chicken and birthday cake, so I didn't ask any questions. Little did I know I would be spending the afternoon at Steph's confirmation retreat with "Scary Sister" and then helping complete her community servce hours by going on a trash hunt in the local park!

The retreat with Sister was a very uncomfortable experience that took me back to my Catholic school days. I was waiting for Sister to whip out the ruler when I walked in two minutes late. We hit an awkward note in our small group when Steph had to stand up and introduce her sponsor and say why she chose her. I told her not to say, "My Grammie couldn't be here because she chose to sip cosmos by the pool in Florida, so here is my cousin by default."
As for our community service project, in the words of Uncle Dan, Stephanie was so unhappy about this chore she would "rather have needles put in her eyes." So I tried to make our little chore beareable by creating a catchy little tune I like to call "Trash Hunt for God," which includes a hop skip dance movement. Stephanie was not amused and had her eyes peeled for people she knew. I think it was a very educational experience as I kept telling her if she ever screwed up in life she would be doing this while wearing an orange jump suit on the side of the road!!!

After our hard work we had a nice dinner with Uncle Eric's parents along with Rita and her kids. We sang Happy Bithday to Steph and I thoroughly enjoyed my much deserved ice cream cake! Happy Birthday Steph! Pictures below!!!

Steph receiving her supplies

"Steph you missed one!"

Our first piece of trash....a hoagie wrapper from WaWa

"Weeeeeeeeee I'm just a supervisor....Steph I see some over there!"

I told her God would understand if she left this one...

Aunt Mar was very proud of her Sanitation Specialist