Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Singing to Karen

Hi all... the Yee family took Karen and I out to dinner Sat nite to celebrate her big 40th birthday. Later we went to her house for cake.  

Karen Carag and I just had our first webcam conference.  She has a PC with a webcam, and I have a MAC with a built-in camera, and somehow it all worked.  Fun!  Anyone else with a camera want to have a video chat?  Let me know.

Off to work 4 p.m. to 12 midnight tonight and 12 noon to 9 p.m. Monday.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend in Rising Sun

We had an interesting Easter weekend...Good Friday, we held Stations of the Cross in the hot tub...Saturday it was so cold, we lit up the fireplace! (for those of you who haven't seen Richard in a while..he's lost weight and still going!) Had our friends here to work in the winery, then we had a nice Prime Rib dinner here. Sunday we went to 8am Mass...I then drove Jon to the airport to go back to school..:<..then Jun, Mom and I went to Bulle Rocke for a buffet dinner..then back in the hot tub! Mother drank me under the table Friday night..I still am having a hard time even having a glass of wine! Back to work Monday, and Mom went home Tuuesday after her doctor's appointment.
Hope to hear from Mar about las Vegas!!!

Happy Birthday Karen!

Today my young beautiful wife turns the big 4-0! Yikes! Isn't that the year our dad bought mom a mink stole from Zinman Furs? No mink stole for my honey, Jess would have a fit!

Got her a beautiful iPhone from Apple! She likes to share photos with her family on her point and shoot camera so this has a bigger and higher resolution screen. She also will use the calendar to check cleaning appointments when on the road, she loves listening to iTunes which it includes, she'll have mobile hand held web access to check e-mail, news, weather, directions, etc., and oh yes, it's a phone too!

In other news, Walter Banks, owner of Lago Mar, has approved of my photo books to be offered to convention business at the hotel! Now, when someone contacts Lago Mar's sales office about possibly holding a meeting, banquet or convention there, part of the package they will receive is a flyer advertising my photo books. Also, they did not mark up my prices and want the prospect to contact directly, so I'll have complete control over the sale, if anyone is interested. Hopefully I can keep this going when (if) I leave.

The only downside is that all the billing would be separate from Lago Mar's "package" which may have made it more convenient for the business customer to just have them throw the books in as part of the total price. As you know, business people have to get purchase orders, approvals, etc. We'll see.

While I only expect maybe a trickle of business, it at least opens the door to me possibly doing this for the actual hotel tourist market as opposed to just the business market. Families are such a huge part of our business, and I think there would be more "action" with the books with that segment instead. I need to do a prototype book for the "Family Vacation" and get it in front of Mr. Banks. I have two pool photos in my book that he said he wants to pay me for, so that he can use them. I think I'll use them as "ransom" to start the family vacation book concept.

I'm on my 8th straight day of work, and have another 7 to go before I get a day off. We are short 2 bartenders at the busiest time of the year, so I'm "busting it" as mom would say. Next Thursday, Karen and I are going to Orlando for 1 day to visit the trade show at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Since I'm in the market for a high end digital camera, I want to visit directly with the Canon and Nikon reps, and maybe catch a "show special" price on a camera.

That's it from South Florida!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter all. Working 12 noon to 9:30 p.m. at pool bar. Working 7 days next week. Resort is mobbed with families, but weather not really cooperating Sat and Today. :-(.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

I have Jay & Char Foley at Lago Mar for Easter week. They are there with one of their kids (John?) and his wife and kids. Jay looks like a grandfather for sure! I guess I haven't seen him since the early 90's. I bought them a round of Pina Colada's today, and they want to buy me a drink and "catch up" one of these days this week. Yikes! Anyone have anything they want me to relay to them?


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi Everybody,
I had a fun St. Patty's Day. My friends - Clyde and Sue & I went up to the Clubhouse to play pool in the afternoon. We wore green sweaters and I had 2 giant green St. P. hats, so Sue and I wore them. Everybody that came by was crackin up. After that, I had them for drinks and corned beef, cabbage & boiled potatoes.
Sue had to leave to watch "Dancing with the Stars" - which she claims that she can't miss. Clyde and I went down 202 to the local pub. We thought all the young people would be finished celebrating from Fri, Sat & Sun --WRONG!! The place was mobbed - 5 deep at the bar and impossible to hear the music, so we came home.
Last nite we had our Singles dinner and today I played in the closing bridge match. We have pinochle tonite, but I begged off -- too tired.
I plan to go to Kar's for the holiday - not sure what day - weather here sounds like a storm with rain or snow.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day! That year went fast!
Cassie and the girls came to visit last night..we discovered Anna has diabetes, high blood sugars and all the symptoms. They came to visit us at the office today, then went straight to their hospital. Anna got admitted tonite..Cassie's with her..getting her regulated on Insulin.
Keep them in your prayers!
Jun, Jon and I went out with Barb and Bob tonite to an Italian restaurant, for green beer, corned beef, etc...
Happy Anniversary Uncle Mike and Karen!!!!

Just sitting here thinking about how much fun I had this time last year. What a fantastic day. I miss everyone!!! Happy St. Patty's Day! I'm anxiously awaiting my school teacher friend to get off work so we can go get some green beer! (I'm home on Spring Break) Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Hi Everyone:

St. Patty's Day isn't till Monday, but Karen and I have been reliving the entire weekend last year: the entire family in South Florida, the wedding, the St. Pat's Party at our house that we missed, canceling the 40 tons of corn beef and cabbage, me golfing with Jon, our days at Lago Mar after the wedding etc. It really was a special weekend for us both, and I'm so glad we took so many photos and video!

Tomorrow I have my only day off for the 1 year anniversary and St. Pats celebration. We plan to do 8 a.m. mass at our church, go to breakfast at the Pelican on the ocean, go down to the Riverwalk area and visit "our brick" go out on an Intracoastal Cruise, and then get into our Irish digs and hit a few pubs.

I uploaded some St. Pats photos from your visit last year at the following link:


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hi Everybody,

I arrived safely home last nite about 5:20 pm - no problem with getting on Delta planes.

Had a great time - the ship -"Vodendam" (Holland American) was completely renovated recently and it was really beautiful - all over.

Our room was much bigger than last time - Tom and I had seperating beds and Olivia had the couch/bed by the bathroom.

The food was very good -- lots of good deserts. The entertainment - house singers and dancers - not too good, bu t, they had 2 comics, 1 magician and a piano player that were excellent.
We went to happy hr. every nite in the "Ocean Lounge" - where they had a wonderful Filipino quartet - that played our kind of music.

We stopped at Aruba, Coricial, Panama city and Canal and Costa Rica - I only got off at Curicial(sp?) - Tom & Olivia don't get off at all.

Lots to do - lectures on Panama City, bingo, movies, bridge (I played every afternoon that we were at sea with 3 other men). O &T went to mass every day - I slept in - except Sun.

No problems with O. - she pushed a cart to help her walk, so she woundn't fall again. Sara & Joe had a baby (girl) the middle of the week - named Fiona Olivia.

Weather was perfect the whole trip - ship is too cold inside - always need a jacket or sweater.

Talked to most of you - happy that everyone at home was ok.

Had a nice visit with Karen and Michael - preceded by a visit to Atlanta to see Jackie in her Cabaret show - which was great - she gets better singing and more beautiful every time I see her. Also, spent a day on the beach with Dan & Karen - while Mike was bar-tending. - Later, Dan treated us all to dinner.

Had a nice visit with O'Bie & Mike while I was visiting in Atlanta.

I slept 9 hrs. last nite and have been unpacking and washing all day.

My carbon monoxide monitor was chirping when I came home - Clyde came down today and put a new battery in it - before it drove me nuts.

Guess that's about it - back to life at the Reserve - I see 2 new condos going up - guess they are selling. We have a comedy show here tomorrow and some of the singles are going out to dinner - so, I guess I'll join them.

Love to all,



Has the blog died?!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hi Bloggers:

A cool, cloudy, windy morning in So. Fla. and I'm in my home office doing some work. Karen and I went out to dinner last night with Dulcie and three guests at Lago Mar, Ed, Keri and Tom. Dan and Mom have met them as they sponsored their day at Lago Mar last weekend. They treated us to dinner at a great Italian place called Anthony's Runway 84. It's an older place set up like you're in an airport/airplane, but the food was delicious. Veal on bone parm for me and shrimp pasta a la vodka for Karen. Sat down at 7:45 p.m. and got up at 11:15 p.m.!! Loonnng dinner.

Jackie and Devin were going to come down last night and go dress shopping in Wellington (about an hour from here) but the shooting tragedy at her college cancelled those plans. Jackie says she may make in down next week for spring break.

Karen's at her busiest period ever with Karen's Cleaning. She had 10 cleanings between Monday and Friday, and 9 already scheduled for next week, and there was a call on the machine last night from a new prospect. Our next mailing is going to be postcards to 500 or so, instead of letters on stationary at full postage to 250. Also, I need to print her up referral cards that offer a one time 50% off cleaning for any current customer who recommends a new client, and a one-time 50% off to that new client as well. Referrals is the name of the game in this biz. Apparently, women like to talk about their cleaning person with each other. True?

I worked on my photo book concept all day yesterday. I now have 3 different style books to offer hotels for their meeting groups.

1. Full-size 8 1/2 by 11 inch hardcover book with suede-like cover, foil imprinting, and custom dust jacket. The book has postcard perfect like pictures of the resort throughout the book, and pictures from a particular group's meeting or banquet intermixed on the same pages.

2. A soft-cover 6 by 8 inch book that features the group's logo and great resort photos on the front cover, meeting dates, etc.,
and page two features just one big shot of the entire group. The balance of the book has just the great stock photos of the resort. The fact that it's softcover with very little customization throughtout the book cuts the product cost about 66% versus the customized hardcover.

3. Same as #2, but only 3.5 by 3 inches in size. Cute and a nice handout cheaply to all attendees as a "thanks for coming."

If you hadn't heard, Lago Mar liked my #1 hardcover above, but "too expensive" for their clients, so they wanted to see some cheaper products with new pricing. The new books should be shipped to me by late next week. Once I have them with associated pricing, I plan to show the product to at least 10 other resorts and gauge reaction.

That's it from So. Fla. Off to work 3 pm today, and Karen and her mom off to her girlfriend Claudia's wedding.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Deadsville in Rising Sun

Hey Bloggers!
Long week...Last night Jun and I went to my awards dinner at our Hospital..I got my 25 year award for being employed by them! It was a real fancy dinner for about 300 employees and their guests..set up like as if we were going to the academy awards...we walked down the red carpet when we arrived..pretty women approached us with microphones (fake ones), interviewing us..cameras were flashing...Hollywood signs were everywhere...anyhow, I got presented with a rose when my name was called..a gift will be delivered to my office..not sure what that will be..anyhow, great happy hour, dinner, etc...
I've be doing a lot of transcription this week at work..amazing how fast I type with 2 fingers! I'm working overtime tomorrow.
It's cold, rainy, possibly snow tomorrow.....glad Mom is on a cruise!
I had a decorator come here tonite....we are going to turn the game room around to face the fire place again..getting possibly new couch, paint, paper, etc....
That's it from here..
Morgan says woof woof to you all.....
Jon comes home next Thursday....Jess is staying in hawaii for break....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

chris is a drama queen

hey uncle mike please add my blog to the blogroll!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hi all... Karen, Dan and Mom spent the day on Lago Mar beach yesterday. Sunny and 80... perfect beach weather. We all went to dinner on the Intracoastal at Coconuts about 7 p.m. Home by 10 p.m. and right to bed for Mom. Karen takes her to the cruise port today, and I am off to work. Dan may come over to Lago today with a friend.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fighting for another day

I've certainly had a rough couple days. I have strep throat, an ear infection, and possibly the flu too. Been sick since Wednesday night and still don't seem to be getting better. Temperature of 102-103 for two days now while on tylenol/advil. I've lost 10 pounds and, obviously, I don't have 10 pounds to give! My parents have abandoned me, my Mom going out of town with Jackie and my dad at work. Thank God for brothers; he seems to be more dependable than my own mother!!

It turns out I didn't get the Holmes's Hemochromatosis disease! I got the genetic test done after my iron looked a little too high and it showed I was only a carrier. That means my mom wasn't a carrier at all and saved me from the Holmes genes!

My tennis teams off to a rough start. We lost our first couple matches closely to good teams. We finally played an average team Thursday and won, but I wasn't able to play because I'm sick! Figures!

School's a breeze right now. I have a 4.8 GPA and would have a 5.0 if I could get motivated to do my AP Calc homework, but it's just too easy not too care when you're already in college and it doesn't matter what your grades are!

I got in to Virginia Tech a couple days ago and got invited to the honor's program, but turned it down for UGA. It was just way more expensive to go out of state and UGA's now a better school anyhow. Therefore, the only benefit would be getting further away from home since they don't seem to care about me anyway!

Alright, I need to get back to the couch. I'm getting all caught up on the last 10 years of soap operas and court tv!

-Miserable, unloved Chris